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3 things to check out – 2/10/18 edition
3 things to check out – 2/10/18 edition
February 10, 2018
There are 3 things on my mind for the last two weeks.  I'm working through them for a bit and figuring out how to put them into words but I think they are worth sharing with you. #1 Daniel P
You’re too damn lazy…
You’re too damn lazy…
January 15, 2018
You’re too damn lazy… You don’t want it bad enough… You have to starve to lose weight… These are all fitness cliches that we’ve been conditioned to believe. They become guidelines
About last night…
About last night…
January 12, 2018
About last night…. My car was at the dealer having work done so my wife picked me up from the gym. I’m talking to her about the nutrition program I just opened up and how excited I am

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