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Camille’s First Chin Up
Camille’s First Chin Up
March 23, 2018
I've been Camille's personal trainer for almost 3 years.  She's been a joy to work with.  Her determination and commitment are two shining qualities that really stand out in my mind. When
3 Principles of Personal Training
3 Principles of Personal Training
March 21, 2018
My role as a fitness professional and in personal training is to help you move better and guide you in smart exercise and training practice so that you can feel stronger and fulfill your fit...
Low- Carb Diet vs. Low- Fat Diet… Who Wins?
Low- Carb Diet vs. Low- Fat Diet… Who Wins?
February 28, 2018
Earlier this month (February), there was an interesting nutrition and diet study that popped up in my email and newsfeed.  I even got a couple text messages about it. The study examined t

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