In 2009, I was working with kids ages 5-18.

I was teaching and helping develop physical education curriculum with a focus on nutrition for public schools in Tucson, Arizona.

I was also personal training and nutrition coaching part-time.

In general, I wanted to help people move better, get stronger, and feel that they were performing at a high level.


My philosophy was simple and based on behavioral science and the fundamentals of movement and strength training.

I believe that in order to reach a high level of personal performance you need to have a foundation of good movement, a solid level of strength, and a functional biological awareness of how to manage stress (good or bad).

This is true for the grade-school student learning how to run and skip in the playground to be with friends, the endurance athlete wanting to improve their pace and time to reach the next level, the new mom entering post-natal training, or the recreational athlete wanting to feel better just like the good ‘ole days.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege to help people pass fitness exams, lose 100’s of pounds, tap into higher levels of physical performance, and improve their quality of life because I’ve taken on a holistic approach to their goals.

“At any given point, one is moving towards a goal or further away from it.”

What I do…

As a coach, my role is to help take the best next step towards the goal. Sometimes that may feel like a step in the wrong direction but a pause for recovery or a shift for mental clarity should not be confused with failure, but would better be considered progress.

I hope you get something out browsing through my website.

If you wish to connect, feel free to contact me here.